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I'm a comedy director and writer. I'll post my projects on here, but I'll mainly be posting bizarre things I find online. If you want to see my work, you can see it all at I love you.

Link: Awful Sitcoms 7-9: PETS


NBC has invited viewers to pitch their best ideas for sitcoms starting May 1. Every day until then, I will be pitching the network my worst. I hope they make your lunch more pleasant.

Dear captains of fate at NBC:

Please accept these three shining ideas for shows on the theme of PETS

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Link: Awful Sitcom Pitches 1-3: ODD COUPLES


As previously mentioned on this blog, NBC is having a contest beginning May 1 in which viewers pitch the network on new sitcom ideas. As practice for a real pitch, I will spend the next 15 days pitching NBC three new ideas a day - each for awful sitcoms (#shitcoms) that I pray they never make….

These are great.

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