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I'm a comedy director and writer. I'll post my projects on here, but I'll mainly be posting bizarre things I find online. If you want to see my work, you can see it all at I love you.

Link: Awful Sitcom Pitches 1-3: ODD COUPLES


As previously mentioned on this blog, NBC is having a contest beginning May 1 in which viewers pitch the network on new sitcom ideas. As practice for a real pitch, I will spend the next 15 days pitching NBC three new ideas a day - each for awful sitcoms (#shitcoms) that I pray they never make….

These are great.

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Link: 30 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Olympic Stadiums. It's Scary To Think Sochi May Be Next...

This is awful. The Olympics should just be in major cities that have these facilities already. What a damn waste. Also, I would like to shoot stuff in these terrifying locations.