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I'm a comedy director and writer. I'll post my projects on here, but I'll mainly be posting bizarre things I find online. If you want to see my work, you can see it all at I love you.

ALS Bucket Challenge

I was going to make a bucket challenge video where I faked pouring acid on my myself. Special fx and makeup, the whole nine. I’m too lazy to do it though, but you get it. You can imagine it. Same thing. Thanks.

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Link: Today Show - 13 Robin Williams impressions in 65 seconds | Facebook

The Today Show assembled a video full of Robin Williams impressions. At 1:00, they use my 2-second impression from a video where I purposely did bad impressions. Bonus, they spelled my name wrong. Perfect!

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Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen — Boston Celtics

Rondo’s my favorite point guard and this is why. Damn that dude is good.

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Jamal Crawford — Los Angeles Clippers


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"I’m not addicted to cocaine. I just love the way it smells."

Nothing makes me laugh more consistently than baseball card vandals. 

I couldn’t agree more. My favorite thing on Tumblr by far. This one still kills me.

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